On June 15th World art fair and Art for Awareness Foundation are organizing the virtual  awards and Art Exhibition of the winners of World Art Fair’s: WAF ARTISTS EXCELLENCE  AWARDS on their website: This Unique Award has been designed for the first time in Art  History to honour and felicitate the Visual Artists all over the world for their dedication, talent  and excellence in the field. The Online Art Event Will be held from JUNE 15TH TO JUNE 30TH 2021 on there website : www.worldartfair.in

WAF ARTISTS EXCELLENCE Awards 2021 not just recognizes you or your Talent but also  declares you as the best amidst the rest in your category and geography. It motivates the  artists, boosts their self- esteem and pride, and achieves higher productivity. The award  recognizes the spirit of excellence in all kinds of visual arts across the globe. These  recognitions intend to inspire others towards bigger & better achievements. We appeal to the sponsors to join hands with us to felicitate such individuals & organizations  and boost their morale in achieving success and contribution to society.

WORLD ART FAIR(WAF) & ART FOR AWARENESS FOUNDATION are two leading global  Art event organisers and publishing having an experience for over 7 years in handling Artists  projects We acknowledge the efforts and hard work of Artists and try to bring them in front of  

the world by honouring them with the prestigious awards. We also provide a platform to all  our participants to network their business in the path of success. Our Eminent organising  committee are MS Priya Yabaluri, Director WAF,Shri P v s Sarma ,Advisor, Author and  former director of SAIL ,India,Shri P. Satya Prakash ,Advisor Senior Architect, Australia and  Mr .Waseem Ansari ,Marketing Director WAF.

THE WINNING ARTISTS are eminent, senior and emerging artists from around the world. The awardees were honoured and recognized for their works and their outstanding  contribution to the society.

Our Eminent Awardees Of WAF ARTISTS EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021: names of Artists  mentioned below:

Shri Prakash Bal Joshi {Chief guest ),Shri Babu Bhai Mistry( Chief Guest) ,Smt Vaishali  Rajapurkar ,Smt Madhavi Joshi ,Smt Satwant Sayan ,Smt Pradnya Shah ,Smt Sweta  Jain,Smt Rajni Tayal,Smt Jisha Sameer,Shri Prakash Ambegaonkar,Dr .Roshan Bobby ,Smt  Manisha Vedpathak,Smt Pritee Patil,Ms Chaya Thakker,Smt Vinita N Raj,Smt Suruchi  Iyer,Smt Rachna Gambhir,Smt JIJI Paul,Smt Babita Hundal,Ms Manpreet Kaur ,Smt Ambika  Devi ,Smt Archana Gopal ,Smt Sujatha Balamurugan,Smt Santhi Sarvanan,Smt Anjula singh  Bhaduria, Smt Dyla Ismena Fernandes,Dr Aruna Dhade ,Shri Diip Puranik ,Mr.Waseem  Ansari ( Excellent service in marketing )  

Thanking the notable people Priya Yabaluri -Founder,World Art Fair & Art For Awareness  Foundation, Waseem Ansari -Marketing Director, Our Partners : MSME Govt. Of India,  Business Mint.

Having prestigious awards under her belt, Priya Yabaluri, is the Founder and Director who  earlier has bagged an award by the India book of records 2021 for ‘Excellence in art’,  another one in the league is the honour from “World Art Fair”, as ‘Best emerging Start-up  Entrepreneur’ by Global Triumph Foundation in the year 2021. She has also been awarded  as the ‘Emerging Woman Entrepreneur for Promoting Art 2021’ by Business Mint Awards.

Her exceptionally performing venture, “WORLD ART FAIR ORG & “’ Art for Awareness’ is a  brand created to promote art and artists on a global level. It foresees a vision to bring  forward the contemporary artist’s vision as a reality. They have also collaborated with the  United Nations UN75 to conduct awareness programs by organising Art Exhibitions to create  Social, Ecological, global issues and cultural awareness in the world.

World Art Fair thanks Guest of honor Shri Prakash Bal Joshi & Shri Babu Bhai Mistry  for participating artists & distinguished guests of the event.

For More Details: www.worldartfair.in & www.afaworldart.org

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