Soul Kitchen, More Kali Uppu Urundai: Buttermilk delight

Try this delicious recipe of More Kali Uppu Urundai that is perfect for summer afternoons.

Nothing is more cooling or refreshing for the unrelenting Indian summer than buttermilk. It is delicious, simple to make, and easy to consume. This recipe heroes the buttermilk to create a beautiful dish with dumplings that is perfect for summer afternoons.


More Kali Uppu Urundai


200gms rice flour
30ml coconut oil
10gms mustard seeds
10gms urad dal split
5gms round chilli
10gms curry leaves
Salt to taste
30gms ghee
30ml buttermilk
50gms chutney powder


Make buttermilk out of high-fat milk and keep aside.

Heat coconut oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, urad dal split and round chilli to make the tempering. Now, combine the rice flour and buttermilk together to form a smooth mix.

Add the mixture to the tempering and cook it on a low flame till it thickens to form a smooth mix.

Use this mix to form small round dumplings and steam them for about 10 minutes. Now, heat ghee in a pan. Add the dumplings and sprinkle gun powder on it.

Serve hot.


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