Rizwan Sayed YFC Brand founder on the Coming boom of Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Industry Post Pandemic

Rizwan Sayed

With the ongoing pandemic affecting many lives, people have started to turn to methods to improve their health. This includes eating healthier as well as exercising.

But even prior to the pandemic, many people have been trying to change their lifestyle, and tread on a healthier part for long and fruitful life. Exercising and working out play a crucial role in maintaining your health and fitness.

People hesitate to work out in their homes – with the lack of motivation and comfort, they are tempted to give up. The right solution to this is, of course, a gym. A professional trainer will help you to figure out the right kind of schedule you need or even an Online Trainer can be a great mode of guidance and motivation

Rizwan Sayed YFC is currently pursuing brand consultancy with his new venture BRANDPRENEUR. He was not just a big source of motivation to the YFC enterprise but also an incubator and teacher to many startups in their early stages of growth. He has not only helped out so many gym-goers by starting it but has also promoted fitness, Nutrition & great health in many ways.

Rizwan With several notable achievements in the Health, Nutrition and wellness industry has grown out to be one of the most popular Fitness entrepreneurs who is keen on promoting the importance of Fitness Nutrition & wellness

Rizwan Sayed focuses on several fields – apart from being an entrepreneur and a fitness coach, he also pursues brand consulting. He has got an inspiring history – he has worked with several big brands and companies, and this experience leads him to be an impressive consultant.

Rizwan is an entrepreneur who promotes products that have been a great game-changer in the world of healthy eating. Rizwan was ranked among the Top 100 Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) for two years in a row, back in 2013 / 2014.

Currently excelling as a brand consultant, Rizwan focuses on transforming small brands into top-grossing companies. With his impressive analysis skills and market strategies, Rizwan works relentlessly for improving the value of a brand and devising strategies to promote a brand effectively.

By researching more about the field in which he expertise, Rizwan is able to help companies be aware of their competitors and products. This way, a company can easily improve their product advertising and marketing tactics to stay on top of the business game.

Another fact about Rizwan is that he is the man behind Bigflex Lifescience. The main key force who made this happen was him including the complete makeover of the nutraceutical brand.

Apart from this, he has also launched a blockbuster product that has had clients purchasing it constantly. If you are wondering what this product is, it is none other than Pharmgrade. Pharmgrade is a supplement brand that is taken by the customers to make sure that the micronutrient content in their body is not compromised.

In addition to this, Rizwan is also behind the brand Van Herbs. Van herb is an ayurvedic form of supplement that is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. An all natural and Ayurveda based product line

One talk with Rizwan and you’ll know he is a man of his word and he knows the industry inside-out.

After being a contender in the industry as well as having experience of more than 20 years in it, this man’s consulting is top-notch which people who have availed of his services can agree with as well.

With the experience Rizwan has, he has not only helped struggling individuals get onto a healthy path, but also is involved in the brand creation of a variety of nutritional supplements.

Rizwan has a venture that has been doing quite well ever since it was integrated with technology. Brandpreneur, a portal that was created by him as a Fitness,  wellness and nutrition  Brand consulting portal to help individuals in the development stage to create systems, processes, policies and development of products

People in the nutrition industry, as well as the fitness and wellness industry, just as Rizwan, are the ones who make a difference – they are focused on the needs of regular people all at a very affordable price.

Summing It Up

Rizwan is a health, wellness, and fitness brand builder that has changed the lives of so many individuals by providing them with consulting services. With the help of his advice on brands, many people have benefitted immensely – Rizwan acts as a great source of the right information and he guides people to choose the right brand for the right cause.

His selfless nature and strong willpower to satisfy his customers and their expectations are what his main goals have been.

If you are looking to create a Robust Brand and are confused about where to start, tread on the advice by Rizwan and you’ll reach your goal sooner than you expected.

Visit : www.brandpreneur.in

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