Queen’s Carmel School adds a significant award to its crown

Business Mint Awarded Queen’s Carmel School as Best Stand-alone Girls School In Noida – 2021 Category for being the most promising best practice, creative endeavors, community participation, and innovation.

New Delhi, 17. Jun.2021:The Best Stand-Alone Girls school Noida was achieved by Queen’s Carmel school in the year 2021. It is an auspicious award and says a volume about the school. Let us understand what sets this school ahead of others and how they got such an encouraging title. Queen’s Carmel School always had a firm foundation. Apart from the discipline factors like heritage, futuristic approach, hope, and optimism are considered as the main pillars of knowledge here.

The school firmly believes that a bright and happy human being can give rise to a bright and learning world. Thus, it has incorporated several facilities which look towards the holistic development of the child. One of the facilities that this school ensures is the Counseling Cell which makes it stand out from other educational institutions. A Counseling Cell is relevant as proper monitoring of the child, and their issues can be sorted. Not only finding out the issues but solving them with the right approach is also ensured, so that no child is left behind and everybody can put their best effort. When we look at the institutional structure of Queen’s Carmel it is aided with smart classrooms which ensure proper learning. As we know, the fact seeing is the faculties try their level best to give the students the insights of practical knowledge so that the children learn in a good environment. Using smart boards also enables the children to retain the lessons for a longer period and implement it in their practical life when required. The proper explanation is also given importance and, thus best technology including the projector and a whiteboard is present in every class. Facilities like Math Lab are also provided in this school. This kind of facility makes experimentation easier and drives the fear of mathematics away. A small initiative like this tells a lot about the school as students are not taught to learn but are taught to love the subject.

 Children are eager to come to Queen’s Carmel as apart from academic’s equal emphasis is given on co-curricular and sports activities. Sports are considered to be very important for the holistic development of a kid as not only they get acquainted with the environment but learn skills of adaptability. Motor skills are also learned by kids when they perform sports in the initial years of schooling. These kinds of activities increase the interest of students, and they try to attend school regularly. One of the most important features of this school is the plantation drives. The plantation drives take place regularly in school and children take part actively. This keeps them rooted and enables them to understand the feeling of empathy towards the environment. The cultural programs that are organized here are inclusive of all kinds of beliefs and students are encouraged to put their thoughts forward so that they can learn and enjoy this cultural activity. 

    When we talk about the sports facilities it became very important that a proper structure is present in the school that encourages the children to play. This beautiful institution not only has a basketball and volleyball court but also has a skating rink. An elaborate and beautiful play station and swings for the children of the primary sections also catch the attention. Apart from everything else, one of the relevant things that are unique in Queen’s Carmel School is they treat their students like a Queen and imbibes the value of that. Every individual child is given equal importance and is personally taken care of. Values like honesty, punctuality, love, and compassion for others are taught and nurtured in the children who help them grow into better individuals. Several social activities like a visit to a senior citizen home, toy and book bank initiative, Rag to Jhola Brigade, One Nation Reading Together, and adopt a Neighborhood park are carry forward so that every small effort can combine and create a significant change in someone life. These kinds of events help to groom an individual in fields of social care also teach them to do their best to impact the lives of people in whichever small or big way, they can.

The motto of Queen’s Carmel is Awaken, Arise and Achieve are not just words; these are qualities that the students strive to achieve throughout their schooling life in Queen’s Carmel. The school makes sure every student is confident in whichever path of life they head for. Not only academics, teachers of Queen’s Carmel, strive day and night to impart lessons to students about life, sports, culture, and every other field so that they are ahead in every sphere. Thus, the award for Best Stand-Alone Girls School was given to Queen’s Carmel as once you enroll your child there, parents can be worried free that your child would come out confident and perfect for the world just like a queen.

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