Pankaja Munde birthday posters ignore BJP leaders; seen as a symbolic gesture against party leadership – The Indian Express

BJP national secretary Pankaja Munde’s followers have once again displayed their anger against the party leadership by putting up huge banners and posters across Maharashtra’s Beed district wishing her happy birthday without any other party leader’s picture. The posters feature only Pankaja Munder and her late father Gopinath Munde.

While Munde has kept mum on the matter, state BJP leaders have underplayed the banner politics.

A BJP general secretary, requesting anonymity, said, “It is evident Munde is not happy. She wanted her sister Pritam Munde Khade to be made minister at the Centre. Though she is not speaking in public, these symbolic gestures through posters clearly convey the feeling of anger.”

Earlier, state BJP president Chandrakant Patil personally met her at her Mumbai office. The meeting was to reassure her that the party values her work and would address the concerns going forward.

A close aide of Munde said, “Munde supporters put up posters of birthday greetings. It was not a political function of the BJP. Why should it have Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Devendra Fadnavis or Chandrakant Patil and all.”

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