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NEW DELHI: India has asked Pakistan to probe an alleged security breach outside the Indian high commission in Islamabad, TOI has learnt.
Late last month, it’s leant, the Indian mission noticed some strange activities outside the high commission building in the heavily guarded diplomatic enclave, a secure zone that remains out of bounds to general public.
People were noticed unloading from a car boxes apparently containing Covid-19 relief items, including PPE kits. One of these people is then said to have clicked photos of others standing alongside the boxes, and with the high commission in the background, even though photography is prohibited in the area.
They are also said to have been accompanied by some cops leading to a suspicion that the exercise might have been facilitated by local authorities. An average Pakistani national needs special permission to enter the area.
Indian authorities have taken the incident very seriously as it comprises a security breach and have officially asked Pakistan for a probe into it. The motive behind the exercise remains unclear.
It may be worth recalling here though that the Indian government has so far not responded to Pakistan’s offer of help during India’s devastating Covid-19 second wave. Calling it a gesture of solidarity with the people of India in the wake of the second wave, Pakistan had offered to provide relief support to India, including ventilators, on April 24.
Islamabad had also called for exploring together ways to mitigate the challenges posed by the pandemic. With ample assistance from Europe and the US, and even privately procured equipment from China, the Indian government didn’t feel the need to accept Pakistan’s offer.
While ties between the 2 countries remain downgraded, cases of harassment of diplomats and other staff members have been few and far between in the recent past. India and Pakistan had halved the strengths of their respective missions last year following India’s decision to downgrade ties. They have shown an inclination though to prevent the situation from deteriorating further by arriving at an agreement to approve all pending visas for diplomats and other staff members this month

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