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iOS 14 has been out for quite a while. This new programming update was delivered with the uncovering of the new iPhones of 2020. iOS 14 was a critical programming update that carried some obvious changes to the UI of iPhones and iPads, for example, widgets, backtap application gallery, and much more. iOS 14 has additionally experienced progression version updates and it has arrived at iOS 14.5. Users would like to learn more about how to opt out of App Tracking in iOS 14.5.

How to opt out of App Tracking in iOS 14.5?

Apple has made the privacy of users one of their main priorities and keeping that in mind they have made changes to the app tracking features. They have added transparency to the tracking and will now involve a lot of popups to stop the applications from tracking certain information. Users can now control which applications they want to allow to track information. Turn off App Tracking is a very simple process on iOS 14.5, check it out below:

  • User will have to first open the Settings application and then head to Privacy
  • In the Privacy option, the users need to search for Tracking and tap on that
  • Here they will find a list of all the applications with a toggle next to them, they can choose if they want to turn on or turn off App Tracking here.

iOS 14.5 Features

Many people have been asking the question, should you update to iOS 14.5. This question can be answered just by looking at the number of changes this update brings. iOS 14.5 is a massive update and stands at 1.27GB. This update will bring a lot of features that were being tested on the beta versions of the software. Check out all the new features added to iOS 14.5 below:

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

  • One of the latest improvements that have been added is keeping the pandemic in mind. The iOS 14.5 unlock with watch update will allow people to bypass their Face ID authentication through their Apple Watch. People have been facing issues unlocking their iPhones because having masks on all the time and removing the masks can be a risky move. People can use this feature to unlock their iPhones without having the need of using Face ID or putting in a passcode.

Crowdsourcing for Apple Maps

  • Apple has put in a crowdsourcing feature for the Apple Maps application. This feature will help people report accidents, hazards, speed checks, and more. These reports can then be used by other users and will help in keeping road safety intact.

ETA for Cycling and Walking

  • Another update for Apple Maps has come in, people can now get an estimated time of arrival by walking or cycling. They can choose their mode of transport and get their ETA accordingly through the new update.

Airtags support

  • The latest hardware that Apple has released is Airtags, and the iPhone models have received support for these Airtags through the latest iOS 14.5 update.

5G Support

  • There have been a number of upgrades to support the arrival of 5G, first would be that Apple added 5G dual sim support. Apple also added support for T-Mobile 5 G’s standalone network. 5G data usage improvements is also one of the upgrades in this software update.

iOS 14.5 Emojis

  • The new update brings a whole collection of new emojis for the users to try out. These iOS 14.5 emojis include heart on fire, mending heart, exhaling face, face with spiral eyes, face in clouds, syringe, gender choices, and more.


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