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It is extremely hard to believe that fried food can be healthy. However, according to Vipul Gambhir, business head, Yummiano, “fried food can be healthy too.”

“Fried food is loved by everybody, the taste and crunch are unmatched! It won’t be wrong to say that fried food is addictive. But, however tempting as it may be, food items fried using traditional methods of frying are indeed very unhealthy for one’s body. Traditional frying requires the food items to be completely immersed in boiling hot oil which subsequently increases the trans fat and cholesterol content and makes it extremely unhealthy,” he explained.

Health, Nutrition There are plenty of healthy snacking options available in the markets which are cooked using the vacuum frying technique and are extremely healthy and taste the same (Source: Getty Images)

Vacuum frying technique

However, modern techniques like vacuum frying have made frying healthy. “Vacuum frying is the process of putting the food item into a vacuum chamber and cooking it at a low temperature. Cooking the food item at low heat in a vacuum container is what makes a difference. The food inside the vacuum chamber is cooked using air pressure and oil, utilising 70 per cent lesser oil. The temperature of the chamber is kept low which reduces the boiling point and further helps in retaining all the nutrients and keeps them intact despite frying. The technique also results in lowering the release of carcinogens – the radiations that promote the formation of cancer,” he told

Vacuum frying vs traditional frying

Vacuum fried snacks are as tasty as traditional fried snacks but a lot healthier and nutrient-dense. This is an alternate and innovative method that helps in reducing the oil consumption which often gets absorbed in the food items while frying using the traditional methods and can be seen floating on the surface of the food item.

Less oil consumption – Since the traditional method of frying absorbs a lot of oil, the fat content is much higher which results in lifestyle ailments like obesity, cardiac diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, etc. On the contrary, vacuum fried items consume 70% less oil and hence, the fat content is relatively lower which reduces the risk of such life-threatening diseases and keeps cholesterol and heart health in check.

Nutrition, Health Modern techniques like vacuum frying have made frying healthy (Source: Getty Images)

Keeps the nutrients intact – While using traditional methods of frying, the temperature of the oil is very high, as a result many essential nutrients are evaporated in the steam. When a food item is fried using the vacuum frying technique, only the water content is removed keeping all other nutrients intact.

Reduced oil temperature – Even the temperature of oil plays a huge role. In traditional methods, food is fried at 100 degrees Celsius which converts the food into junk. While vacuum frying the fruits, vegetables, and other items they are fried at a relatively lower temperature with less oil.

“There are plenty of healthy snacking options available in the markets which are cooked using the vacuum frying technique and are extremely healthy and taste the same. So next time you want to binge eat a bag full of potato chips, do it guilt-free by choosing the ones cooked using the vacuum frying technique. If cooked using the right technology and technique, fried food could be healthy too,” he said.

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