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Only by combining both AI and communities will higher education be relevant and prepare students for the adventures of the fourth industrial revolution.

This article is part of GP-ORF series — From Alpha Century to Viral World: The Raisina Young Fellows Speak.

Lynda Gratton and Andrew J. Scott, authors of The 100-Year Life[1], offer three defining features of work in the twenty-first century. First, people are likely to live much longer; being a centenarian will be commonplace. Second, the lifespan of organisations will significantly reduce, so long-term employment will become a thing of the past. Third, the concept of retirement will fade away, partly due to financial reasons and partly out of choice.

Combining these factors, it is easy to visualise how one might have to spend several more years learning and unlearning to build a viable portfolio of careers. If higher education institutions are not doing their job, what are our alternatives?

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