Aashish Bhardwaj Revolutionizing Social Media With 500 Million Followers

Aashish Bhardwaj

Changing with the passage of time is not the same as changing the passage of time itself. Some people get their careers shifted along with the change in the flow of time and act accordingly, but, likewise, some people dare to defy it and stay focused on their goals no matter what the situation is, and they are the ones who create history and do what people can’t even dream of. One of those young talents in the digital space is a prodigy from Delhi who brought about a revolution in the social media marketing industry and established one of the best digital marketing companies and the star of the talk is Aashish Bhardwaj.

Aashish Bhardwaj is a 29-year-old young man on a mission who dared to take a leap from a safe career after an MBA to the uncertain world of entrepreneurs and created his own unique niche in the ever-so-growing and evolving social media world. And in the year 2015, as a businessman with the spirit of overcoming every hurdle, he founded his now flourishing firm, named ‘Sociopool India Pvt Ltd’.

Sociopool being the incarnation of its CEO and Founder, Aashish Bhardwaj’s unique vision and never-ending craving for change, has taken social media and the digital space as a whole to a whole new level through its constant rise as a digital and influencer marketing agency and constantly rising to greater heights. The secret to his success is simple yet satisfying, as his company, Sociopool connects brands with the socially engaged audiences of their more than a hundred exclusive creators and influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. with a combination of their second to none influencing skills and strategies. Aashish believes that “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”, so he carefully analyses the audience and brand’s requirements to build top-notch campaigns for top brands and deliver the maximum number of possible engagements with their targeted audience across several largest social media platforms.

Aashish’s vision, that once seemed so unconventional and uncertain, has now expanded to more than 500 million followers and counting. Sociopool has had the incredible opportunity to work with a number of celebrities, famous athletes, artists, influencers, production houses, and has also promoted a number of movies over the years. Aashish has progressed from an accountant seeking a career to someone with expertise in increasing brand awareness, brand engagement, and audience engagement through his campaigns. This expertise has given him and his firm the opportunity to work with the leading brands of this modern digital era.

Creating a win-win situation for brands that Sociopool has collaborated with has helped him achieve a near-to-impossible task. And now, after overcoming all obstacles, he longs to take Sociopool to a global scale. He is a true inspiration to those who give up or compromise on their dreams in the middle of their journey. To know more, follow him on Instagram @aashishbhardwajofficial or visit the website, www.sociopoolindia.com

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