5th Edition of Direct Selling Today Released

COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a catastrophe for economies worldwide and India is not immune. However, Direct Selling Industry has somehow weathered the storm. Post lockdown the economy and business activities in the country look to be bleak. The biggest worry is the growing unemployment and the only ray of hope is Direct Selling.

Keeping this in mind DIRECT SELLING TODAY, a monthly and only Magazine of Indian Direct selling Industry, it’s entities and entrepreneurs has brought it’s 5 th edition specifically on post-lockdown ways & means, strategies and planning to be adapted adopted for getting this industry its rightful place in the economy and society.
All its editions are subject specific viz the first and second edition focused on Direct Selling guidelines and Consumer Protection Act, 2019, third as on women empowerment, fourth on skill development and the fifth & current edition on post-lockdown direct Selling.

Rahul Sudan, the Publisher/ Chief Editor and his team deserve to be congratulated for their efforts for bringing this mouthpiece on Indian Direct Selling Industry apprising Government, Industry, Direct sellers, the views of Politicians, Academics, Expert Industry leaders and scholars.

Rahul Sudan, for the last many years, has been giving consultation to Entities for ethical Direct Selling practices and compliance.

For more details visit : https://directsellingtoday.in/

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